falling whte coffee cup spilling coffee with gold stars like magic. title All I Got was the Headache by Anne Avey

Maxine “Maxie” Peterson had just turned eighteen and life was looking good when a fairy godmother she didn’t know existed, one Amelia Pomeroy Fitzgerald Fantastica, abruptly dropped into her life. Literally. 

Life, for Maxie, has never been the same since.

Amelia has rotten taste in clothes, a fondness for single malt scotch, and an annoying penchant for meddling where she’s not wanted. As far as Maxie’s concerned, her fairy godmother’s “assistance” isn’t wanted anywhere, at any time, for any reason whatsoever. Unfortunately for Maxie, when it comes to heeding hints (not to mention demands and outright threats), Amelia has the hide of a rhinoceros—nothing gets through!

Maxie is the owner and sole employee of Maxie Peterson Investigations. When she discovers her newest, richest, and (sadly) only client dead on her office floor with her letter opener through his heart, she isn’t surprised to find Amelia’s already on the job—Amelia can always be counted on to be in the middle of things, making them worse. What Maxie isn’t prepared for is the hunky new detective in charge of the case. 

Ben Trueblood is as hard-nosed as Maxie, and just as determined to find the killer, but he’s got a major advantage—he doesn’t have a fairy godmother making a mess of everything before he even gets started!


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colorful glittery bangles with gold stars. book title IF TWO ARE DEAD by Anne Avery



Maxie Peterson, owner and sole employee of Maxie Peterson Investigations, has standards. Low, admittedly—with the state of her bank account, she can’t afford otherwise—but she does have them! That’s why, when an elderly lady totters through her office door, Maxie is fully prepared to say no to finding a lost cat, or proving a neighbor broke a favorite tea cup, or whatever it is an elderly lady is likely to ask.  What she’s not prepared for is a demand that she investigate a murder, instead!

Imogene Gruber will never see eighty again, but that hasn’t slowed her down much. She still appreciates wild clothes, wilder jewelry, and a generous tot of Irish whiskey in her coffee. What she doesn’t appreciate is people—especially the police!—not believing her when she insists her best friend was murdered.

Maxie is still inclined to say no, until she realizes that Imogene was Imi the Magic Fairy in the old sixties children’s TV show that Maxie and her brother devoured in reruns when they were little. Imi was little Maxie’s hero, and you just don’t say no a Magic Fairy, even if they do expect you to prove several doctors and the River City police department were wrong about an old woman’s death.

Proving Imogene’s friend was murdered will be hard enough. But when Imogene drags in her old acting buddies to help with the investigation, and Maxie’s real fairy godmother, Amelia Fantastica, insists on being included, no matter what, Maxie starts wondering if maybe it wouldn’t have been easier to just resurrect Perry Mason to straighten out the mess!


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Maxine “Maxie”  Peterson is a tough, independent-minded private investigations agent who can stand up to just about anyone...except her mom. Now her mom has dispatched her to check on a friend's twelve-year-old daughter. She didn’t tell Maxie the kid came equipped with a dog the size of a small horse and an attitude big enough to sink the Titanic. She also didn’t warn her about the international  jewel thieves who won’t hesitate to kill anyone who gets in their way, including Maxie and the kid! When the kid disappears leaving Maxie stuck with the dog and her wand-waving, disaster-happy fairy godmother Amelia, Maxie gets mad. Now it’s look out, world! because when Maxie gets mad, she’ll run right over anyone who tries to stop her, even hunky detective Ben Trueblood, who ought to know better!


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