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falling whte coffee cup spilling coffee with gold stars like magic. title All I Got was the Headache by Anne Avey
All I Got Was the Headache
Amelia Fantastica Misadventure: Book 1


Mixing murder and a crazy fairy godmother isn't a great way to start the day, but private investigator Maxie doesn't have a choice. Her only client is dead on her office floor with her letter opener through his heart, and now Amelia's shown up to help. Things just can't get any worse...or can they? (Silly question! This is Amelia we're talking about! Of COURSE they can...and do!)

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If Two Are Dead ebk version 2.jpeg
If Two Are Dead
Amelia Fantastica Misadventure: Book 2


Maxie Peterson, sole employee of Maxie Peterson Investigations, has standards. Low, admittedly—with the state of her bank account, she can’t afford otherwise—but she does have them! That’s why, when an elderly lady totters through her office door, Maxie is fully prepared to say no to finding a lost cat or proving a neighbor broke a favorite tea cup.  What she’s not prepared for is a demand that she investigate a murder, instead!

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MAD MAXIE by Anne Avery AF3.jpeg
Mad Maxie
Amelia Fantastica Misadventure: Book 3


As a private investigations agent (don’t call her a PI!), Maxie has survived crooks, con men, murderers, and rolling-pin-wielding old ladies, but now her mom wants her to…babysit?

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magic wand alone.jpg
Trouble in River City
an explanation....

I should have updated this a long time ago, but I was so darned embarrassed that I kept hiding from reality. TROUBLE is half finished. Even more surprising, I know how it ends: with a big old clinch between Maxie and Trueblood. (I NEVER know how my stories end until I get there, but this time, I did. Maybe that's the problem.) Anway, in the half that's written, Maxie's mom finally puts in an appearance, Amelia REALLY screws up, and Maxie is facing killers that are a lot nastier than her normal. But....halfway there, with an ending I REALLY wanted to write on the horizon, I ran into a story brick wall and, so far, the more I pick at it, the bigger the wall gets (not to mention my authorial  insecurities). I WILL finish TROUBLE. This Year! 2023.

There. It's down in writing.

(You probably noticed I didn't put a month. Determination is one thing, delusion is another. But...this year. I promise.)


Purloined Presents Short Misadventures B
Amelia and
the Purloined Presents
An Amelia Fantastica Short Misadventure: Book 1


It’s Christmas Eve and all the presents under the tree at Friends Helping Friends’ community center have suddenly disappeared. For many in the community, those presents are the only ones they’ll see this Christmas, so when the Friends call on struggling investigations agent Maxie Peterson for help, there’s no way she can say no.

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Firecracker ebook Short Misadventure Boo
Amelia and
the Firecracker Fourth
An Amelia Fantastica Short Misadventure: Book 2


It’s the Fourth of July and Maxie is all set for the traditional Sharanski Family picnic, a massive gathering of family and friends for baseball, barbecue, tons of food and beer, and an evening under the stars watching River City’s annual fireworks spectacular. And then she gets caught in the crossfires between dueling fairy godmothers!

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ebook Cover--Candy Cane Caper Short Misa
Amelia and
The Candy Cane Caper
An Amelia Fantastica Short Misadventure: Book 3


It’s Christmas Eve and Maxie is on her first solo patrol as a cop with the River City PD. Checking on a sixteen-year-old girl who hasn’t come home from work doesn’t seem too much of a challenge...until Maxie discovers the gates to The North Pole, Station 12 are locked and the only way she’ll get through is with a little magical help from her fairy godmother Amelia!

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