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The Brandy Wyne Mysteries

Dutch Courage b - Copy.jpg
Dutch Courage
 Book 1


She was two days and counting from her appointment with a divorce lawyer when her husband, The Jerk, plowed into a tree and made her  a widow. A very wealthy widow! She was planning to enjoy her widowhood on the beach, but nobody warned her about the dead bodies!

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Happy Hour b - Copy.jpg
Happy Hour
 Book 2


She’d planned two weeks in paradise, lounging on the beach and swilling margaritas. Heaven! Unfortunately, nobody told her kidnapping, death threats, and murder were on the agenda, too!

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On the Rocks b - Copy.jpg
On The Rocks
 Book 3


Check list for vacation in paradise: Swim suit. Sun hat. Sunscreen. Beach read book that probably won’t get read. Dinner dress. Sexy heels. Sexier underwear.

Stuff not included on list: Kidnappers. Murderers. All-around general bad guys. Good guys who are scarier than the bad guys.

Being a rich widow wasn’t turning out anything like what Brandy had expected!

Read for FREE in Kindle Unlimited!

Read for FREE in Kindle Unlimited!

Bay Breeze Black Frame.jpeg
Bay Breeze
 Book 4

These days, Brandy’s got a cute cottage on the beach, great friends, super neighbors, and a job she loves. The DEA has (reluctantly) returned her car and restored her bank account and credit cards (long story, best forgotten). The IRS may have finally found some of the money her dead husband squirreled away in illegal offshore accounts. And said husband’s not so friendly friends are now too busy facing murder charges to worry about hounding her over those same accounts.
For Brandy, life is definitely looking up…until she walks out her front door one morning and finds a dead body on her doorstep! 

Still to come...

Hanky Panky draft.jpg
Hanky Panky
 Book 5


Brandy Sour draft.jpg
Brandy Sour
 Book 6


Tequila Oasis cover with frame.jpeg
Tequila Oasis
 Book 7


Last Call FINAL with frame.jpeg
Last Call
 Book 8


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