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Summer Fancy Romance
Summer Fancy, a historical romance by Anne Avery
Summer Fancy

Quiet, shy Zeke Jeffries is working hard to turn his run-down property into the best watermelon farm in Colorado. The last thing on his mind is finding himself a wife. Unfortunately, the match-making mamas of Rocky Ford have other plans for the handsome bachelor, and they aren’t at all shy about letting him know it.


Plain, independent-minded Sophronia Carter is burdened with a flat chest and a mother intent on finding her only daughter a husband. Sophie isn’t immune to Zeke’s charms, but since she managed to bloody his nose and ruin his best suit the first time they met, he tends to run the other way whenever she appears. And then she inadvertently saddles him with the precocious son of the town’s fancy lady. As her mother said, before she fainted dead away, “Oh, my! Sophronia! How could you?”

Fortune's Fancy Anchor
Fortunes Fancy ebook cover FINAL.jpeg
Fortune's Fancy

Marcus Aurelius Thorne may bemoan the taming of the West, but at the luxurious new Hotel Colorado, playground of the rich and famous, that just means the scoundrels are a whole lot better dressed. Marcus is stalking his old enemy, Geoffrey Archer, a con man whose good looks and polished manners have gained him access to the Hotel’s exclusive clientele and their pocketbooks. But when Mary Allegra Constanza Donatto, Countess Borelli, shoots a would-be train robber, then sweeps into the Hotel like a queen into her castle, Marcus suddenly finds himself in a different kind of hunt altogether.

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Highwayman's Daughter
Highwayman's Daughter, a historical romance by Anne Avery
The Highwayman's Daughter

Though her father was the legendary highwayman who sacrificed his life in a futile attempt to save the woman he loved, down-to-earth Lizzie Tynsdale has no use for romance. She has enough to do running the inn she's inherited without falling for a handsome face or a pair of broad shoulders. But when a mysterious guest appears at the inn one stormy night, it seems history is destined to repeat itself.


Lizzie Tynsdale has no use for romance. Her mother fell in love with the legendary Highwayman, with disastrous results. Lizzie isn’t about to make the same mistake. Besides, she’s too busy running the inn she inherited to waste time mooning over a handsome face.  But when a mysterious stranger arrives at the inn one stormy night, Lizzie discovers she may be more her mother’s daughter than she’s ever been willing to admit.

Wild Swans
Wild Swans, a historical romance by Anne Avery - fairy tale romance
The Wild Swans

The King of Avalon had sworn to marry the first woman he met who didn't talk his ears off. He'd made the vow in jest, but then he'd taken refuge in that cottage in the Dark Woods and found the woman of his dreams. Young, beautiful...and silent! What more could a man ask for?


With an absent-minded king for a father and twelve motherless, trouble-prone brothers to care for, Princess Arianne has had her hands full. Then her brothers get into trouble one too many times and a witch turns them into swans. The only way Arianne can free them from the curse is by knitting twelve shirts of nettles without ever saying a word. Then, just when she thinks things can’t get any worse, a tall, dark, handsome, and incredibly arrogant man strolls through her cottage door, demanding his dinner and tracking mud across her freshly mopped floor. And she can’t say a word about it!

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