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Brandy’s back in her fifth adventure!

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“We can’t believe it! There was a murder and you weren’t involved?”


Brandy’s friends start her morning with coffee and a lot of good-natured ribbing over Chica Perdida Key’s most recent murder, which really doesn’t involve her. Until, that is, a local art gallery owner gets her involved, regardless!


Turns out, police think the dead man was the abusive ex-husband of an artist whose work Brandy loves. No way she’ll refuse her help to a woman who, like Brandy herself, has survived an unhappy marriage and is trying to rebuild her life. Especially after they learn the ex isn’t the dead man, after all—he’s the suspected murderer!


As the bodies multiply, Brandy gets dragged deeper into a confusing tangle of right-wing militias, dodgy business connections, and a possibly stolen inheritance. From the looks of things, it’s only going to get worse—fast!

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If you haven't already...

Meet Maxie, a struggling Investigations Agent

(don’t call her a PI!) and her bumbling fairy godmother Amelia. 

falling whte coffee cup spilling coffee with gold stars like magic. title All I Got was the Headache by Anne Avey
colorful glittery bangles with gold stars. book title IF TWO ARE DEAD by Anne Avery
colorful blotches of spilled paint mixed with gold stars. Book title MAD MAXIE by Anne Avery
Purloined Presents Short Misadventures B
Firecracker ebook Short Misadventure Boo
ebook Cover--Candy Cane Caper Short Misa

The Brandy Wyne Mysteries

What would you do if your jerk of a husband died in a car crash two days, five hours, and fourteen minutes before your first appointment with a divorce lawyer? Especially when you found out he died in a brand new Porsche you didn't know he owned and left you a fortune you didn't know he had? 

For Brandy, figuring out the answers is landing her in a heap more trouble 

than she ever dreamed possible!

Book 1

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Book 2

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Book 3

On the Rocks b - Copy.jpg

Still to come...

Book 4

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Book 5 -- Available Now!

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Coming soon...

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