an Amelia Fantastica Misadventure, Book 1

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All I Got Was The Headache
an Amelia Fantastica Misadventure

Maxine “Maxie” Peterson  is the owner and sole employee of Maxie Peterson Investigations. When she discovers her newest, richest, and (sadly) only client dead on her office floor with her letter opener through his heart, she isn’t surprised to find her annoying fairy godmother Amelia Fantastica already on the job. What she isn’t prepared for is the hunky new detective in charge of the case.


Ben Trueblood is as hard-nosed as Maxie and just as determined to find the killer, but he’s got a major advantage—he doesn’t have a fairy godmother making a mess of everything before he even gets started!

And then there’s...

I’m—finally! (really really!)—getting to

“The End” of the second Amelia Fantastica

Misadventure, IF TWO ARE DEAD.

There’s not eough space to list all the

different months when I originally thought 

I’d finish, but the end of March really does look like a winner. I think. (Gulp! Okay, maybe the first of April? Or more likely, the middle of April?)    (It’s still 2016, right?) 

If you’d like to read the first two chapters (it’s still in draft),