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All I Got Was the Headache by Anne Avery
If Two Are Dead by Anne Avery

Amelia and the Purloined Presents


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It’s Christmas Eve and all the presents under the tree at Friends Helping Friends’ community center have suddenly disappeared. For many in the community, those presents are the only ones they’ll see this Christmas, so when the Friends call on struggling investigations agent Maxie Peterson for help, there’s no way she can say no.

Unfortunately, her bumbling fairy godmother Amelia, who’s already “disappeared” all of Maxie’s Christmas wrapping paper and ribbon (by accident, of course!), isn’t about to be left out. Not even when five pint-sized delinquents (Amelia hates kids) and their scruffy mutt, Tuffy (she hates dogs even more), insist on helping, too.

Add an officious cop who’s determined to solve the case herself, no matter whose toes she has to step on, a good looking hunk of a homicide detective who’s hiding out from his mother’s holiday matchmaking, and seven elderly Friends who just want the presents back, it’s guaranteed to be a tangle that even Santa is going to have a hard time sorting out!

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