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Three Free for the end  of Winter

I’ve set three of my favorite books free starting

Saturday, March 11 thru Wednesday, March 15:  




That’s some history, a couple of ghosts, and not a little magic

to get through this last burst of Winter.

Have fun, keep warm, and enjoy!

Summer Fancy

Quiet, shy Zeke Jeffries is working hard to build the best watermelon farm in Colorado.  Unfortunately, the match-making mamas of Rocky Ford have plans for the handsome bachelor...  Plain, independent-minded Sophronia Carter isn’t immune to Zeke’s charms, but then Sophie inadvertently saddles him with the precocious son of the town’s fancy lady. As her mother said, just before she fainted dead away, “Oh, my! Sophronia! How could you?”

The Highwayman's Daughter

Though her father was the legendary highwayman who sacrificed his life in a futile attempt to save her mother, down-to-earth Lizzie Tynsdale has no use for romance. But when a mysterious guest appears at her inn one stormy night, Lizzie discovers she may be more her mother’s daughter than she’s ever been willing to admit.

The Wild Swans

The King of Avalon had sworn to marry the first woman he met who didn't talk his ears off. He'd made the vow in jest, but then he'd taken refuge in that cottage in the Dark Woods and found the woman of his dreams. Young, beautiful...and silent! What more could a man ask for?


Someone should have told him: Be careful what you ask for!

And then there’s...

I’m—finally! (really really!)—getting to

“The End” of the second Amelia Fantastica

Misadventure, IF TWO ARE DEAD.

There’s not eough space to list all the

different months when I originally thought 

I’d finish, but the end of March really does look like a winner. I think. (Gulp! Okay, maybe the first of April? It’s still 2016, right?) 

If you’d like to read the first two chapters (it’s still in draft),

For a Futuristic Fling...


from Tuesday, March 21, thru Saturday, March 25.

Check it out now!.

All’s Fair

Calista York escaped slavery to roam the universe as an independent trader, unafraid of taking on the toughest deals or the most dangerous opponents. Only one man, trader Rhys Fairdane, has ever managed to put a dent in her emotional armor, but ever since their profitable—and passionate—relationship ended five years ago, she's been careful to keep half a universe between them. Then she’s offered a deal she can’t refuse even if it does mean taking Rhys as a partner, because, when it comes to life, love, and the pursuit of profits, it’s all fair and up for grabs...and may the best trader win.